Join us for TEDWomen @TEDxPrincetonLibrary

Our official TED event page is up at . The details for our two days of TEDWomen are shaping up. Here’s some more information.

Please join us on Tuesday, December 7 for the live stream of TEDWomen . Drop in and stay as long as you want, beginning at 2:30 p.m. We’ll be having conversation around the talks we see and getting to know each other.   We will have an optional dinner on Tuesday night for $10 per person (or bring your own bag lunch).

Jill Foster

On the evening of December 7th we will have a live program with 5 great speakers on the topic of “Women and Technology in the Age of Conversation”. Jill Foster, Katie DeVito, Hilary Morris, Holly Landau, and Melissa Klepacki will be our engaging and energetic presenters, as our TEDx unfolds live from Princeton Public Library. You have to be here to be in the conversation!

Musical interludes will be provided by Indie Music Night host and singer/songwriter Sarah Donner.

On Wednesday, December 8 we’ll be live streaming the TEDWomen video feed for sessions 4 through 7, all day and into the evening. Individuals can pay $100 to watch the live webcast, but why watch alone when you can see it for free and share the excitement with other TED fans at the library?

Register from the link at or here . We’d love to know you are coming for the conversation.


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